USA Blind Hockey Brief ‘Hockey Strong’ Series: Blake Steinecke, Team USA

This is the third installment of our ‘Hockey Strong’ series which will be continued for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. October’s feature is from Blake Steinecke, member of Team USA.

USA Blind Hockey Brief – Despite Anaheim Blind Hockey still waiting to resume practices, team member Blake Steinecke is not letting that hold him back. He continues to challenge himself in his off-ice training to better himself for not only his local team, but also for his Team USA Blind Hockey teammates. Blake recently created this video to help others do the same. “I wanted to make this video to demonstrate some off-ice drills to work on to be able to grow your blind hockey game and master some essential blind hockey skills,” said Blake.

As Blake notes in the video, with the visual challenges of playing blind hockey, it’s important to have lots of repetition of certain key skills off the ice in order to do things without looking on the ice. Try these drills today to stay Hockey Strong!

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