Camp Abilities

Editorial by Dylan Drexler, Adaptive Sports and Recreation Manager at CABVI

Camp Abilities-CABVI combines sport and recreational leisure activities for children and youth, employing comprehensive vision rehabilitation services. The mission of Camp Abilities-CABVI is to empower young people with visual impairments to become, or remain, physically active, participate in leisure activities, and develop daily living skills. Camp Abilities-CABVI encourages children to do all they can.
Each day, campers engage in activities like tandem cycling, kayaking and canoeing, swimming, beep baseball and kickball, spatial awareness exercises, downhill and cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, wilderness survival skills, dance programs, arts and crafts, while learning life skills such as clothing identification and organization, and meal preparation. Both summer and winter camp offers new experiences and opportunities that are continually updated. No two camp experiences are entirely the same, and all camps are overnight.
CABVI focuses on the continuing needs of children with visual impairments. We do not operate a camp in isolation, but rather intensely immerse campers in experiences for several days that we hope will continue to be a part of their lives for years to come. When camp concludes all campers receive a detailed report of their experience, outlining their performance, achievements, and abilities. With the permission of parents and or caregivers, we encourage campers to take advantage of our camp follow-up services.

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