Player Spotlight: Doug Goist, Team USA

Doug Goist defends the goal for Team USA Blind Hockey

USA Blind Hockey Brief – When he first heard about blind hockey, Doug Goist, current Team USA goalie, was initially reluctant. “When a friend prodded me to try blind hockey, I was admittedly really skeptical anyone could skate, handle the puck and shoot while blind – the game is almost entirely visual; it was like someone telling me I could become a Formula 1 driver.”

Since then, Doug has developed a true passion for the game. “For me, blind hockey represents courage, hope for the bright future of the sport, camaraderie with teammates who are both amazing players and incredible people both on and off the ice, freedom from the dearth of athletics options for people who are blind, freedom from the temptation to backslide into an unfulfilling sedentary life, and freedom from the low expectations people have of the capabilities of people who are blind.”

While Doug loves playing the game, he recognizes that his role as a player and a member of Team USA is much bigger than his own experiences on the ice. “It gives me a lump in my throat to think that blind hockey is going to give a little kid out there somewhere who is struggling with vision loss the courage, self-esteem and confidence he or she needs to become self-sufficient and a success in life. I was lucky. I never knew what it was like to struggle with a sensory disability until my adult years – so, for me, helping build confidence in kids during their formative years is worth everything.”

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