Team USA Competition in Toronto

(Photos courtesy of Noah Willman)

(#4 Dan Schramm wins face-off in front of Team USA Goalie Doug Goist) Click on photo to See More Team Action

(#23 Brock Kitterman carries puck up ice with #19 Anthony Ashbaugh)

(#11 Luke Miller makes pass in neutral zone)

(#19 Anthony Ashbaugh wins battle for puck)

(#10 Charlie Mitchell curls towards the boards in front of Canada’s net to make a pass)

(#22 Daniel Belding stops Canadian puck carrier in neutral zone)

(#24 Blake Steinecke walks in to offensive zone between two Canada players)

(#20 Nick Kalyan fights off defensive players to get puck up ice)

(#7 Captain Tin Kane brings puck into offensive zone)

(#13 Sietske Morgan keeps puck in the offensive zone)

Team Post Game Traditional Handshake

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