From the Sidelines: Essay from a Blind Hockey Dad

Kent Martin is the father of Geoff Martin, member US Blind Hockey Team and Colorado Visionaries Blind Hockey.

Geoff’s journey is a bit unique even in the blind hockey world. He was born legally blind, then got his vision, only to then lose it again upon completing college and starting his career. Geoff played roller hockey in high school and college, which were both amazing to be part of as a parent. Parents live their child’s journeys and pains. 

Pictured: Kent and Geoff in skates on the ice at a Colorado Visionaries Blind Hockey event at Evergreen Lake.

Geoff lost his vision again about a year before we individually saw the news story about the first ‘Try Blind Hockey’ event in Colorado. My heart immediately rose upon seeing this story because I knew this would be for him and for once, a level playing field. Geoff’s vision, at best, was never that great.

To see the change in Geoff’s mental state once he found this sport and become part of a team again, forming bonds and lifetime friendships, is all a parent can ask for. The hockey community is amazing in general, but its support of blind hockey for my son and our other athletes has helped motivate me to be involved. Sharing blind hockey with my son, something we both love, is just awesome. For him to play on the US Blind Hockey Team on the precipice of a sport is humbling and so exciting. Seeing him ‘stand on the line’ in the USA jersey, hearing the national anthem play, I needed a tissue!  I am a proud papa for sure.

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